Website Design Tips for the Health Industry

An often overlooked or little thought about concept when it comes to web design is health industry web design but the truth is the health industry also needs extensive web design work so they can accomplish their goals of best serving clients and patients in need. Although health industry website designs can come in a huge variety, there are certainly a few tips and tricks for having a proper and authoritative-looking health website.

Don’t look sterile

One of the big problems that many websites in the health industry have is that they always try to make their websites look as sterile as an operating room. However, although clean and tidy, these kinds of websites can lack a personality which has potential to engage clients visually. Having little text, few pictures, and being little more than a mechanism for directing clients to call you is not the most efficient means of website design. Do not be afraid to add some colour or pictures. If you are not sure of a colour scheme, then a simple blue is probably one of the best as many studies show that people find blue to be innately relaxing.

Include information

Your website should include some useful information which can satisfy certain clients while ensuring the more important ones are directed to you. Perhaps you can do this with simple health or hygiene tips or advice on the best kinds of cold medicine can make your webpage someplace that clients enjoy returning to to get advice on normal life maladies. No individual wants to feel like the only reason your website exists is to try and direct them to call or visit you in person. People want to be able to feel satisfied that they have gone to a website and have been able to get the information they are seeking. If your website won’t provide them with that information, there are a myriad of others who will. Including information can also help build goodwill between you and potential clients so when they need help in the future they will call you first.

Easy navigation

When individuals get on your website, there is a strong likelihood that either they or somebody they know is not feeling well. Few people get on health industry websites who are in the peak of health. Somebody who is sick or who is looking on behalf of somebody who is sick is likely somebody whose mind is divided. Keeping this in mind, it is important to design your website so that it is easy to navigate. Having only a few buttons or menu options at the top will help streamline their search process for the information they are looking for. Having too many menu tabs or too many links or videos, can overwhelm information flow and make it difficult to find what they are looking for.

Menu tabs should also be in a font large enough for people with impaired vision to be able to read easily. People may have blurry eyes or allergies which also keep them from being able to see to their fullest, and so having usability options like larger text boxes for the menus can assist them in getting to where they want to go.

If you follow these few tips, then your health industry website will be well on its way to fulfilling your most important job, conferring customer satisfaction.