Reproductive Health Time Bombs In Australia

Medical scientists are warning that obesity in Australians is a ticking time bomb for reproductive health. Pregnancy and obesity do not, apparently, make good bedfellows. An increase in congenital anomalies, stillbirths, pre-eclamptic toxaemia, venous thromboembolism and gestational diabetes mellitus are just some of these modern horsemen of the apocalypse confronting obese mothers in the twenty first century. All those mega litres of soft drink consumption and bucket loads of fast food offerings are coming home to roost in the bellies of these would-be mothers. Talk about not having your cake and eating it too.

 Reproductive Health Time Bombs In Australia

Human beings in the west are fast losing contact with their physical responsibilities as biological animals. We are not computers, despite our big-brained status in the mammalian world. We must exercise our monkey-bodies if we are to remain as the dominant surviving species on this planet. Too much fat accumulation from our sedentary lifestyles and over consumption of high fat, protein and carbohydrate diets is threatening our ability to successfully procreate. Too much of a good thing can kill us. Too little physical challenge is, also, killing us. Capitalism and greed are killing us through health and food being in the hands of those whose sole allegiance is to profit making.

Doctors Seeing Too Many Patients in Too Few Minutes

Bad medical advice can kill you; and doctors seeing too many patients in too few minutes contributes to this. Private enterprise and medicine do not make for an equitable partnership between money making and health concerns. Are you willing to take a gamble on your health? Well, if you live in America or Australia, you, probably, already are. Governments are standing by watching their communities eat tonnes of junk food for decades, with only an occasional public information commercial airing about the benefits of eating an apple. Hospitals are crowded with patients dying of heart disease and cancers, but until recently doctors did not rate nutrition as a subject worth properly studying.

500 Million Obese People Globally

WHO estimates that there were some 500 million obese people globally in 2008. Imagine how many there are now, nearly 10 years later. Fat folks are literally choking on their cholesterol inside their arteries and veins. All that bad food sold to make money for rich corporations to become even more obscenely wealthy. Now, overweight women are struggling to produce healthy babies and to get through a normal pregnancy without medical interventions. Affluence is killing more than half of us, whilst the other half are starving in Africa.