Liposuction as a Plastic Surgery Enhancement: Is It Right for You?

Acne Treatment MelbourneMany people are currently faced with the fierce struggle of trying to eliminate excess fats in their bodies. Diet, exercise, and other natural means tend to be exhausting and time-consuming to execute for many who have been longing to achieve a sexy body. It’s not a surprise then that a lot of people have been turning to liposuction for an immediate solution.

Fat removal in Melbourne is just one of the many types of plastic surgery that is undeniably getting tremendous popularity. For the last decades, plastic surgery has undergone many improvements and now it is safer and proven very effective by many people. In fact, the popularity of cosmetic surgery has led to anextensive range of cosmetic operations being available in many companies worldwide today. For even as simple as an acne problem, you can immediately find an operation for an acne treatment Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, and even in many other parts of the world.

So if you’ve thought of going under the knife for a liposuction surgery, but you are clueless on what it really entails,or if this is a truly sensible choice for you, then read on. Everybody wants to look and feel great but going through the immediate route that is liposuction is indeed a heavy decision to weigh in.

How a Liposuction Candidate is Determined

Not everybody is admissible for a liposuction. A qualified plastic surgeon is responsible for determining the right candidates for this operation. Essentially, in order to qualify, the patient must be in excellent health and had fat deposits in his or her body that have not responded well to proper diet or exercise. Ideally, the person must also be at least 18 years old and be within 25 pounds from his or her regular weight.

  1. Health Issues

You may be targeting to improve your appearance but you might neglect to consider whether your body can tolerate the operation. If you are suffering from a serious illness then it may be wise not to undergo liposuction until you are completely healthy. This is extremely important so you can avoid other grave risks for your health.


People suffering from the following health problems must not be subjected to this cosmetic surgery because it might lead to other serious medical complications:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes
  • Compromised or extremely low immune system
  • Other chronic health illnesses

Pregnancy and menopause promote weight gain. So it is also important to re-consider whether liposuction is a good alternative to re-gain the once sexy bodies that these women had. Pregnant women and those who are nursing babies are therefore discouraged from undergoing this cosmetic operation.

  1. Age Considerations

Again, ideally patients approved for liposuction must be at least 18 years old. However, doctors may provide exemptions. There are cases where as young as a 12-year-old girl underwent liposuction in order to achieve a more toned body and improve her self-confidence. For teens and younger, surgeons must assess the patient’s emotional maturity before agreeing to perform the operation.


While there is no age limit for adults, older patients must be properly assessed for candidacy especially if the patient is taking maintenance medications. Since this operation only removes fat and does not tighten the skin, then younger patients with more supple skin have the better chances to achieve more pleasing results than the older ones.


  1. Know What the Procedure Really Is

To properly ascertain whether liposuction is indeed for you, then you must create realistic expectations for yourself by knowing what the operation truly involves. This operation is a quick procedure, lasting 1 to 2 hours, with general anaesthesia.


Since the operation only removes excess fat on localised areas of the body, you can’t expect to have your stretch marks and cellulites removed from your skin. The procedure requires some time for your recovery, about 4 weeks. So ask yourself whether you are fine with scarring after the operation and if you are willing to undergo about a month of recovery.


  1. Consider the Liposuction Costs

Liposuction costs vary from one person to another. Depending on the areas that will be treated, the cost may start from AUD3,000 (for one specific area only) up to AUD15,000 (up to six areas of the body in one operation). These costs usually do not include the anaesthesia that will be applied, the hospital or surgical centre fees where it will take place, and other expenses.


Here are some other factors that can determine the final cost:

  • The area to be treated
    The larger the area of the body that will be operated on, the higher will be the expense. For example, operation on the back or abdomen will be more expensive than on the upper arm. Difficult areas to operate, such as the cheeks or chin, will also be more expensive.
  • The body type
    Since price is determined through the amount of fat that will be removed, then it will be more expensive for larger patients to be operated on than smaller ones.
  • The type of procedure that will be used
    Traditional procedures are less expensive than advanced methods which use ultrasound or laser assistance.
  • The surgeon
    A popular doctor who has a wide range of experience and an established and esteemed reputation will charge more.
  • The area where the operation will take place
    Liposuction that will be done within the metropolitan cities are likely more expensive than those that will take place in smaller towns.

Is It Really What You Need?

After reading and understanding what this operation involves, ask yourself if liposuction is really something that you need now. Being obese is unsightly, unhealthy, and may be lowering your self-esteem. But, a surgical enhancement like liposuction also comes with its complications. It will bring pain and it will cost you money. It may even bring in unwanted medical risks for your body.

Consider other alternative first; there are safer and less expensive natural ways but require a lot longer time to take effect. Then, if this surgical operation is indeed the “shortcut” that you have been waiting for in order to achieve lasting beauty and improve your self-confidence, then go ahead. Everyone is entitled to be beautiful!