Ensuring Your Baby’s Safety Before Giving Birth

Childbirth is one of the most amazing wonders of our existence. From conception, to becoming a tiny cell, a human being grows inside a mother’s womb. He begins to show form through his appearance and thus comes out of the living world as your newborn baby.

From safety mats to safety gates

safety gates - baby cotMothers, especially first timers, are always oozing with love and affection for their babies. They go through one of the most painfully difficult stages of their lives when they give birth, but all that gets washed away the minute they hold their baby in their arms for the first time. That exact same instance, you unconsciously forget all the agony. You suddenly get filled with this sudden intense emotion of over protectiveness.

You feel like you want to surround the entire house with safety gates and safety mats for her protection. You take a mental note and make it appoint to get her the softest baby cot and cot mattress you can find. You’re bursting with so much positive energy and you want to channel it to your little bundle of joy.

The softest baby cot is no match for your arms

You always want to carry her in your arms, no matter how tired you are. While she sleeps, you watch her peacefully and wish her cot mattress is cloud like in texture so it’d be like she’s being cuddled by angels.

If you’re healthy, she most likely is too

The way you took care of yourself during pregnancy is of utmost and critical importance. From the food you ate, to the activities and exercises you performed, to the amount of caffeine-rich drinks you took, all these factors pose different effects to your child.

Because you’re breastfeeding, you are constantly conscious of your diet because you know your baby gets her nourishment from what you eat and drink. You stuff yourself with nutritive food so she will grow up to be hale and hearty. You keep track of your workout because you want to take care of your body,and in the process, take care of your child.

Even though you were never really dependent on vitamins, you take every vitamin prescribed by your doctor because you understand that your baby needs as much nourishment as she can get.
You were extra cautious when you were pregnant and it paid off because your bouncing baby girl came out healthy and normal.

Though you were pretty scared at first, you immediately learned that there’s no better way to improve on being a parent than experiencing it firsthand. You were there the first time she tripped and fell, and you were thankful for the safety mats. You can’t remember the number of times she wanted to get out of the house when she’d see people walking across the street, and that’s when the safety gates came in handy.

You were the parent, but the process was two-way. You were teaching her and she was teaching you. Through her simple gestures of affection like crinkling her nose, to those cute giggles, you finally experienced the joy of motherhood.