Monthly Archive: May 2018

Opening Up New Doors for Women

All over the globe there are changes afoot in the gender divide. Women are making great strides in their journey toward respect, equality and recognition for who they are. Change is opening up new doors for women. For too long women have been oppressed by men and the institutions men command. Traditional religions and cultures have enshrined inequality and discriminatory behaviour against women around the world. You could, almost, suspect that there has been a global conspiracy against the female species of human beings. Many women would knowingly nod at this suggestion and, perhaps, smile at my naivete in not recognising this state of affairs much earlier.

Reproduction Has Held Women Back & Down

The role that women play in reproducing the species has been a defining reason why they have been oppressed and corralled into submissive and supporting roles for millennia. Biology has designed women to nurture children and not to battle against competitors and aggressors. People always wonder why women do not break through that glass ceiling in developed nations around the world. They are not singularly focused on that achievement in their lives and they have other things to fulfil along their journey. Things like having a family, often, get in the way.

Women Are Forced to Act Like Men

New careers change lives, obviously, and the kinds of careers that satisfy women must be chosen carefully with much forethought. The magic of having children and starting a family is, often, put at odds with the masculine defined vocational career. Men have been making the workplace in their own image for far too long. Women are forced to act like men to get ahead in that environment and, ultimately, they are not biologically designed to do that. More balance and gender equality must be brought into every vocational pathway. Networking improves career prospects for both men and women.

A Better Future for Women

Revisiting remedies based on ancient lore and natural practices is one example of society turning to the past to seek answers for the future. Perhaps, an examination of matriarchal civilisations from ancient history can provide us with some enlightened ideas for our present and future. The world is rapidly moving toward a better future for women at work and in life, more generally. Girls are more able to enjoy activities that were once reserved exclusively for boys. Things like sports and more adventurous activities across the board.